Current network diagram

You can view the current HomeLab diagram here: homelab-diagram

For those who have never seen this before: yes, I did run fiber out to my shed. I live in Minnesota and last winter I took advantage of the ridiculously cold winters we have and housed some servers out there.

Major changes

Here is a list of big changes made in the current revision:

  • Dedicated pfSense firewall was replaced with virtual Cisco ASAv firewall
  • Replacing the firewall means I’m connecting my cable modem to my Cisco 3750 core switch
  • Also replaced the virtual pfSense firewall on my dedicated server in Atlanta with a pair of active/standby ASAv firewalls
  • Upgraded host-to-storage networking to 10Gb which included adding 3x10Gb interfaces to my FreeNAS box
  • Moved from NFS to iSCSI for VMware datastore share in order to achieve a network configuration where I can direct connect ESXi hosts to FreeNAS while still having a single common datastore (with working vmotions, DRS, etc)
  • Added an HP DL380 G7 to the lab (2x Xeon L5630, 96GB RAM, 4x 300GB 10k drives)
  • Started migrating hosted projects from Kubernetes to OpenShift Origin

Wish list

Of course these additions sparked some additions to my wish list:

  • 10 or 24-port 10Gb switch
  • Half-height 4-post rack
  • Additional UPS

Short-term plans

Here are some things I plan to tackle in the next 30 days:

  • Clean up networks – too much shit where it shouldn’t be
  • Switch config backup software (implement Rancid)
  • Get dedicated ESXi server off public-facing internet – currently my dedicated ESXi host management interface is internet-facing, which isn’t ideal. I need to get this moved to be over my VPN tunnel WITHOUT making it impossible to recover should I lose my tunnel and need to restore services without vcenter access
  • Implement Cisco AnyConnect VPN
  • Setup VMware Horizon View again

Finally, a picture


And the 10Gb networking from the FreeNAS box: